Enjoying a Sunset


Enjoyed sharing the sunset with the grandkids recently.  We, also watched some geese slide in for a landing on the frozen lake.  It was a special moment.  The kids are growing up so rapidly.  I know that is the way of things.  I cherish the age they are now.  Doesn’t keep me from missing their younger selves, though.



Advent is the season of expectant waiting and preparation for celebrating Jesus’ birth and His coming again.  It has been several Sundays since I was in a worship service because of illness.  It was wonderful to be able to attend this past Sunday (Dec. 1, 2019) and see the Advent Wreath and candles.

I was reminded of all the years of serving in congregations where Advent was observed.  For me, it is an inspirational time of remembrance of the coming of Jesus in the way we all come into the world as a helpless baby.  It also inspires me to look forward to Jesus coming again as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel…

For The Kingdom Homeschool Coop


Since late August I  have had the privilege of working with homeschool students in FTK Homeschool Coop on Mondays.  I have enjoyed being with the students.  I have two classes of Book Club (grades 2/3 and 4/5) and one high school class of Anatomy.  In book club we read books and the 4/5 kids do some writing as well.  It is fun to hear their creative stories.

I read some of my unpublished books and now am reading Matthew Hartmann and the Pony Express to the 4/5 kids.  I read Nelson’s Pond and now Year of the Hawk Rescue to the 2/3 kids.  I wrote these books thinking of homeschoolers and now I’m getting to read them to that audience.  Such a blessing!

Family Fun

The blessing of family is what I am grateful for today.  We are coming up to the season when we remind ourselves to be thankful to God for the blessings he bestows.  One who knows God as the source of blessing is thankful every day.

The Lord blesses me with the husband he gave me, the daughter he gave us, the son-in-law he brought into our lives and the precious and lively grandchildren we get to watch grow up.

Thank you, Lord, for the blessing of family.

Fall Comes to the Cabin

Fall comes to Minnesota before it comes to Missouri.  The cabin build is on hold until we get back to it in November.  By then the leaves will be off the trees and we will see about snow on the ground.

Meanwhile, home in Missouri, most leaves are still green on the trees, but as of today the cool temperatures tell us Fall has arrived.  For climates that have distinct seasons it is undeniable there is beauty in the fall colors.  I appreciate Fall, I do, but there is something sad about it.  It is the end of summer adventures.  The plants and some animals go dormant.  It leads to the cold of winter.

All seasons have their advantages and disadvantages, their beauty and their challenges, I guess.  I wait for spring when the plants and flowers and birds come again fresh and new.

A New Adventure


I’m on a new adventure on Mondays this year.  I agreed to teach some classes at For The Kingdom Homeschool Coop.  The Coop is staffed by parents and other interested folks and attended by some precious homeschool kids.  I have two sections of Book Club.  The 2nd/3rd grade Book Club is listening to me read Nelson’s Pond.  I also invite them to bring books from home to read to the class.  4th/5th grade Book Club is listening to some books I have written but haven’t published yet.  We do other activities in addition to me reading, but it all has to do with the joy of reading and being creative story-tellers and writers.

I, also, have a class of five high schoolers studying Anatomy and Physiology.  It is fun being with high school age young people again.  I enjoy all the kids in the three classes.   I am also getting to know and appreciate the parents who are staffing the coop.

The rest of my week is filled with grandkids and writing.

A Neighbor Came to Visit

I have Zion with me three days a week.  We have so much fun together.  One day last week a turtle passed by us on the front step.  He was determined to go from one flower bed to the other.  The only thing that slowed him down was Gracie’s curiosity.  Eventually, the turtle dropped down into the lower flower bed, landed on his back, turned himself over and moved under the cover of the daylily leaves.

Coming Along

The cabin-in-the-woods is coming along.  My husband has stayed with it.  I have been there when I could be.  On my latest trip to the cabin, I brought our oldest granddaughter.  We even had a visit from the neighbors two goats.  They invited themselves in and looked the place over thoroughly.  Walt would not give up his lunch to them, though.

Turns out the granddaughter enjoyed being in the woods.  She learned to identify some tree species, deer and bear tracks and even fit in some cursive practice and language arts homework.

I’m not too eager to climb ladders anymore, but one does what one has to do to help with the project.


When I was in my 20’s I told a friend I would like to live in a cabin in the woods.  That was before I knew I preferred wide open spaces.  All these years later wouldn’t you know my husband decides he wants to build a cabin in the woods.  Thankfully, he hired a dozer operator to open up a big enough area in the woods for me to have plenty of sky and there’s even a little swamp in front of the cabin that will someday be dug out for a pond.  This is what we have been up to the past couple weeks.  The cabin is being built on land in Minnesota that has been in my husband’s family for 70 years.

Progress went well and I was glad to help during the first couple weeks of the project.  I had to come home for obligations back here in Missouri.  My husband is going it alone until I can get back for a few days next week.


Beautiful Places

I have been going to the North Shore of Lake Superior whenever I can since the 1970’s.    Just returned home from our latest visit there.  I have some great memories from the summer I worked in a resort restaurant on the lake. Later, when I was a Youth Director I took the youth on camping retreats there.  Each time I go back I think of those times and the people I shared them with.  And, I am always reminded of the beauty of creation and the One who spoke it all into existence.  Beautiful places bless me. The North Shore of Lake Superior is one of my favorite beautiful places.  What beautiful places bless you?