Visitors and Tenants

This pair of Canada Geese visited the pond for about thirty minutes.
When we built and put up the duck house we were thinking wood ducks. Instead a pair of these cuties became residents.

Makes me think of the book I wrote titled Nelson’s Pond. The critters in the book tell their own story. Kids love it! Consider it for summer reading for your elementary age kids. Available on Amazon. Search: Ardith Nelson for all my titles.

I Was Curious

A while back I was wondering what a MacDonalds burger cost back when they started. I found the following:


Then I found the following:

2018 prices were still pretty good.

I’m not sure why I started thinking about the price of fast food. Maybe it has something to do with the last burger I bought.

Praying for Minnesota

Hastings City Hall
Mural in Faribault
Mississippi River
Prayer Team

Praying “onsite for insight” is a strategy for prayer I learned while living in Texas. So,today my daughter, her kids and I went to the county courthouse in our county to pray. I went on to two other county seats and made a day of it.

I do gain insight or get a better understanding of a place and its people when I actually go there. It is an honor to bring the needs of our communities to our Father in heaven. He knows, of course, our needs better than we do, but Jesus instructed us to “ask” “seek” and “knock.” So, that’s what I do in prayer. (See Matthew 7:7.)