Ardie is a wife, mother, grandmother, friend and author.  A few titles do not sum up a person’s experience, however.  There have been other titles Ardie has “worn.”  The experiences of her life have introduced her to many people and places.  She has lived in five U.S. states and one Canadian province.   She has been in 49 of the 50 United States.  She has traveled in 21 countries on four continents.  She has worked in a hospital, public and private schools, colleges and churches.  She believes every person and experience in her life has contributed to the person she is.

When she was a young adult her motto was “Faith leads to adventure.”  Her life has born that out.  The adventures have been many.  Backpacking across Europe, hiking on a 14er in Colorado, zip-lining in Belize, journeying to Africa and snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea are a few of those adventures.  All of those adventures are set within the adventure of faith in God.  She has trusted God to be with her, guide her and use her in others’ lives and situations.  It has been an adventure of faith.  She recognizes the faithfulness of God throughout her life.  She is grateful to God for the people she has met and considers friends.  She is grateful to God for giving her a calling to share God’s word with others.

Ardie now writes and promotes historical fiction to educate, entertain and encourage further historical, geographical and literary research and study. She writes fiction for the family with faith themes.

Ardie also writes and promotes Bible-based studies for personal and group study for spiritual growth.

When Ardie writes or shares faith with others she prays they will be fed by God with food that nourishes the spirit.  She desires her writing to entertain, inspire and whet the reader’s appetite for more.  The “more” being…

  • more interest in historical people and historical times
  • inspiration for the reader to be creative and inquisitive
  • more knowledge of God and God’s word