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RJ’s Valley takes up where RJ’s Journey leaves off. She continues to journal about her life, family, friends and her love for the beautiful valley she calls home. After reading RJ’s Journey the reader will be interested in what adventures in teaching and romance come her way. You will, also, feel the emotion of the grown up RJ and the things she experiences.

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RJ’s Journey

The first in the RJ series, RJ’s Journey chronicles the trip by covered wagon from Missouri to Oregon. Rebecca Jemima Calloway is 12 years old when we meet her. “Journey” is RJ’s journal entries from December 1857 to the end of 1859. The journal entries in the book include the life her family left behind in Missouri, travel along the Oregon Trail and the Calloway family’s first year in Oregon Territory.

RJ is an adventurous, smart girl with siblings, cousins and friends to share life with. The pioneer spirit is strong in her as we see her mature through her journal entries. RJ’s Valley continues her story. More about “Valley” later.

All Ardie’s books are available through Amazon. Search for Ardith Nelson and you will find all her books.

Meet Mattie

Mattie is a wife, mother, author and librarian we met at Midwest Parent Educators Expo recently. She has written historical novels with the stories told from a horse’s point of view. Check out Mattie’s books at My granddaughter was pleased to be able to buy one of Mattie’s books with her own money. Both Mattie and I had some great young readers come to our respective booths.

Midwest Parent Educator Conference 2022

The gang went to Midwest Parent Educators Conference with me. Sara and Nava helped at the booth. The other kids went to the children’s sessions. They also enjoyed walking through the exhibit hall collecting friends and free things. I think most of the vendors knew Nava by the end of the event.

I appreciated meeting homeschool parents and students and seeing old friends. It is especially gratifying to have “repeat” customers who have enjoyed my books. Other vendors were great to visit with as well. We were next to Mattie from North Dakota. I will talk more about her in another post.

A young girl had been eyeing the RJ series and when she came to the booth near the end of the event she had the idea of bartering for the books. I was glad to take her up on her “deal” because the product she traded for the books was a great product I had been interested in. We were both happy with the trade.

Midwest Parent Educators

April 1&2, 2022

Soon will be time for Ardie’s Books to have a booth at MPE Expo. The first year I had the RJ Books there for sale. Now this will be my third time at the Expo and I have 11 titles to offer homeschool parents. Most of the books are historical novels while a revised Nelson’s Pond is an animal story loved by the grandkids. Also, the Maya and Max series will be introduced at the Expo. It has been an interesting time visiting with homeschoolers who come by the booth. I anticipate it will be another great experience this year.

Cowboy George

My latest book (available on Amazon) is a story told by an old cowboy who had the adventure of a life time when he was a young man. George is the son of other fictional characters from the RJ series. He recalls traveling alone in the late 1800’s from Oregon to Texas with just his three horses as companions in search of a rancher who would take him on as a hand. All, I’ll say is, I hope you will enjoy George’s stories as much as I did writing them. I had a great Uncle George who ranched in eastern Montana. He was a humorous character and the model for the “cowboys” I write about in my books.

All titles are available on Amazon.