Journey to Oregon

We are on an adventure!


I used to say, “We are on an adventure,” almost every time I got in the car with my daughter.  Now she is grown with four babies of her own and we are still going on adventures.  My motto as a young person was “Faith leads to adventure.”  As I have journeyed along in life there have been many adventures with the underlying constant of faith in God.

My adventures have been with family and friends.  They have taken me far and near.  They have been adventures of travel, adventures of relationships and adventures in serving others.  I thank God for the people and places and critters that have been part of the adventures of my life.

Six years ago I started a new adventure.  The adventure of writing.  I have written 10 Devotional-Journals (which will be offered on the website in the near future).  Most recently I had my first historical novel for pre-teens published.  RJ’s Journey is being enjoyed by all ages.  I invite you to order a copy and read it for yourself if you enjoy stories about the Oregon Trail and pioneers.                                                                        Ardie

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