Just About Ready


RJ’s Valley is just about ready to go to the publisher.  It took four months to get RJ’s Journey from the first look by the publisher to hard copies in my hands.  I am hoping to get Valley done by April 1.  That means the publishing process has to go faster this time.  RJ’s Valley continues the story of Rebecca Jemima Callaway through her journals.  Valley contains the journals from 1860-1862.  I will not tell you what is in them…you will have to read the book to find out.  I will tell you this–when I finished writing the book and knew it was the last I would write about RJ I went into mourning.  She and her family and friends became special to me.  I have a picture in my mind of what they all look like and the Willamette Valley they called home.  RJ will always be special to me and I hope she and her historical and geographical setting becomes special to many readers, also.

2 thoughts on “Just About Ready

  1. glidakb

    Hello Ardith, I am also a grey-haired writer. My first novel “Abbey’s Journey,”about the Oregon Trail will be published soon. It started out as a screenplay ten years ago!
    I finally set up my wordpress account. A challenge for my seventy-five year old brain! My novel is about a modern-day woman who travels back in time to the Oregon Trail in 1852. I love doing the research and I have been fascinated by the OT for years. Good luck with you novels. Glida Bothwell


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