Ardie’s Inspirations?


You might wonder why I call my blog Ardie’s Inspirations? A lot of things inspire me and those are the things I write about.  My grandchildren are four of my inspirations and are pictured above.  I originally wrote RJ’s Journey for my grandkids.  I so enjoyed the process of using my imagination, researching history and writing I kept going.  I write in the hopes of other people enjoying the books I write and being inspired by them in some way.  I have RJ’s Journey and RJ’s Valley in print.  Matthew Hartmann and the Pony Express is available as an ebook.  An as yet, untitled book about two Pawnee children and an orphan hawk is with the editor.  I’m writing RJ’s Legacy which I intend to have as an ebook sometime this year.  I appreciate all the adults and children who are reading my books.  You inspire me, too.

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