Sunrise, Sunset


I have seen many sunrises and even more sunsets in my lifetime.  (I am not usually an early riser.)  There is something about the expanse of the sky and the unique beauty of every sunrise and sunset.  Nature reminds me of the Creator who lovingly fashioned all that has been created.  Today, as I mark my 68th birthday, I am thanking my Creator for the grace, mercy and peace he has given me all my days.  His grace came even before I was aware of it.  His mercy has perserved me.  His peace surrounds me.  I live by faith.  I look forward to the day, as the hymn says, “when my faith shall be sight.”  Like my ficticious character RJ, I glory in the faithfulness of God. (The picture above is one I took heading to Missouri from Walt’s project in Oklahoma in 2014.)

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