Things Hidden

I have been awed by the beauty of creation as we are traveling through Alaska.  But, I have realized some things have been hidden from view.  The clouds have hidden mountains.  We have missed seeing whole ranges of mountains and the Great One, Denali, because of clouds.  Water has hidden creatures we haven’t been able to see.  If you look carefully at the bottom picture you see a spout from a humpback whale.  And, I am sure there have been creatures hiding in the vast forests we drove past.  But, we have seen some amazing views and beautiful creatures, at least in part and from a distance.  In Denali Park, we did not see the mountain we wanted to see, but we saw grizzlies, moose, caribou and wolf from a distance.  The Dahl sheep were so far away they looked like little white dots on the mountain.  In the ocean yesterday we saw sea otters floating on their backs, the birds of Gull Island and the water spout and backs of two humpback whales.  So, we have seen enough to know these things exist and are amazing.  There is another place that is hidden from view right now, but we know it is there.  I said when we could not see Denali, “We are taking it by faith, if not by sight, the mountain  is there.”  We take heaven by faith, as well.  Someday, the veil that hides it will be taken away.  We will see it and I KNOW it will be more than we could have ever imagined and hoped for because the Creator has prepared it for us.  I have been meditating on Psalm 104 on this trip.  I invite you, dear reader, to read it and join in praise of our Maker.

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