The RJ Saga

It started out as a book for my grandkids.  RJ’s Journey was so fun to research and write.  I realized there was more to the story, so RJ’s Valley followed.  Now, RJ’s Legacy is with my editor and should be available some time this fall.  I guess maybe things really do come in “3’s.”  It seemed like I couldn’t leave RJ as a young mother too busy to write in her journal.  So, in “Legacy” each of her grown children tell the rest of her story from their own perspective.  As I have written before, RJ became an interesting character to me and in some way she will always be special.  Her story, though fictional, has inspired me to keep writing.  I have a collection of stories in the works about a place called “Nelson’s Pond.”  I will reveal more about that later.  In the mean time, be looking for RJ’s Legacy.

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