RJ’s Legacy


RJ’s Legacy is now available on Amazon.  It is the third and final book in the RJ series of historical fiction.  RJ’s Legacy is different than the other books.   In the first two books RJ tells her story through her journals.  In RJ’s Legacy her children and others dear to her tell their remembrances of RJ and the impact she had on their lives.  RJ’s Journey is about a girl writing of the adventures with her family on the Oregon Trail and beginning a new life in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  RJ’s Valley is  that girl grown up and coming into her own life’s story as she continued journaling.  RJ’s Legacy tells more about RJ as an adult, the family she raised and the causes she championed.

The fictional “High Meadow Ranch” where RJ and Joshua Weaver raised their family had the beautiful Mt. Hood in the distance east of the ranch.  So, this photo taken by Carla Danielson of a cabin in a meadow with Mt. Hood in the background is the perfect cover for RJ’s Legacy.

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