Next Up


The RJ series is done and out there for the world to see.  It was, also, fun to write about the “Pony”  and my young friends in the “Hawk” book.  It is time for some other projects.  I have two books in the writing stage currently.  They are not historical fiction, but they are fictional.  The picture above is a hint about the “characters” in one of the books I’m writing.

Also, getting ready for the Midwest Parent Educators conference in KC in April ’19.  I will be selling and signing books there.  I will, also, be leading a workshop on the journey from writing to publishing.  So thankful for all who are enjoying the books I have written.  I have many more ideas for books.  It will be fun to see them come to “life.”

A big thank you to Sara Pugsley who helps me in so many ways…publicist, proof reader, editor, technical staff and all round encourager.

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