Introducing Nelson’s Pond

Nelson's Pond ebook

Here’s the latest now available on Amazon.

Nelson’s Pond is three books in one.  Natalie, a Canada Goose, tells the first story about her family who called Nelson’s Pond home.  Daniel, a white tail deer, is the story-teller in the second book.  Kit, a red fox, is the hero of the third story.  Pook Kit had so many siblings his mother ran out of names, so he got stuck with “Kit.”  All these critters were born on or near Nelson’s Pond.  They tell about growing up watching a human family, the Nelsons.  They have adventures filled with fun and even some dangers.

Some of the stories in the book are actually true, for instance, the horse that got a muzzle full of porcupine quills and the fawn that got scared when Mrs. Nelson tried to take a picture of it.  And, there really was a Little Sara, a human child, who lived in the house at Nelson’s Pond.  In fact, she’s all grown up now and edited Nelson’s Pond for her mom.

Also, in honor of being at the Midwest Parent Educators Conference in Kansas City this coming weekend. My book, RJ’s Legacy, will be free on Kindle April 4-8.

Have a great week! If you haven’t seen the movie Unplanned, I highly recommend it!

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