Books in Process

There are no pictures yet, because the books aren’t finished.  BUT, there are at least four books in process right now and a series in the idea stage.  I started a book in 1996 or ’97 while I was teaching at Harvest Christian School in Sandstone, MN.  It got saved on a floppy disk and not forgotten, but put away and then the floppy got outdated.  Now since I started writing in earnest I wanted to see that book again.  A few months back my tech savy son-in-law transfered the manuscript to a format I can work with and I revisited and kept writing that book I started over 20 years ago.  I might be calling it The Madisons but don’t hold me to that.

Several years ago, I wrote a series of vignettes (vignette:  a short piece of writing…that clearly expresses the typical characteristics of something or someone.  Cambridge English Dictionary) from the perspective of some of the people closest to Jesus when He walked the earth.  I want to get that book published this year.

Owen Hartmann and the Wild West Show is about half way done.

Gotta’ Laugh is a personal memoir of  some of the Funny, Embarrassing and Otherwise Awkward Moments of my life.  It is written, I just have to muster the courage to publish it.

A series for children with main characters Maya and Max is in the germ of an idea stage.

Those of you thinking about writing:  you, like me, might have more stories to tell than you realize.


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