Gotta’ Start Somewhere


My husband and I went to our land in MN on Wednesday, May 10.  It snowed.  But we were only going to be there for a few days, so we worked anyway.  We have plans to build a cabin-in-the-woods.  Our goal this trip was to plant the Norway Pine seedlings we ordered.  We did.  The little trees are about 6-8 inches tall.  I felt sorry for these little ferns who were hoping for spring.  They weren’t the only ones.  We planted 45 trees, sowed grass seed and trudged through the snow.  Next trip we hope to have a driveway and spot for the cabin cleared.

It was beautiful even if it was cold.  The birds were singing their morning songs.  When the sun came out it was warm and inviting.  The smell of the woods and the crisp air brings back memories.  We, also, saw a pair of trumpeter swans, some Canada geese and ducks on a nearby pond.  We have enjoyed many MN springs in the past when we lived and farmed there.  It was fun to be there in springtime again, but now in our retirement.

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