Peaceful Places

I have several favorite places where I have enjoyed a certain peace not afforded in day-to-day life.  One of those places is a friend’s horse and cattle farm in Texas.  Many times I was there at the farm to visit my friend.  But, I, also, had a standing invitation to “be” there on the place to just “be.”  When I wasn’t there to visit her or ride any one of a number of horses she let me ride, I sat on an old chair at the back door of the barn to study and write.  The view out that door was of horses and paddocks and a big blue sky.

Recently, my husband and one of the grandkids went back there with me.  It was great to be back even for a short time.  I’m thankful for my friend and her generosity in sharing her place with me during the years I lived in that part of Texas.  I’m thankful for all my friends in Texas and the memories we share.

Do you have places of peaceful “being?”

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