Books, Books and More Books


RJ’s Journey got me started writing fiction in 2017.  I thought I was writing one book as a gift to my grandchildren.  But, there was more to RJ’s story and life, so RJ’s Valley was written to continue her saga.  I decided the books were for a wider audience than just my own grandchildren.  And, there was more to tell, so RJ’s Legacy was written in the voice of her children and others who were impacted by her life.  I wrote for young people, but I had in mind that adults could read the books to their children and enjoy them, too.  That seems to be how it has turned out.  RJ’s story includes history, geography, faith, family and romance.  Rebecca Jemima (RJ) is a fictional character, but her story can be a supplement to American History, Geography or Language Arts classes.

Matthew Hartmann and the Pony Express and The Year of the Hawk Rescue were written for the same audience as the RJ series.  They are set in approximately the same historical time period.

Nelson’s Pond is a departure from historical fiction.  There are three books in one that feature animal families whose habitat was on or near a pond.  It is written with the animals telling their own story.  It is fiction of course, but some of the stories told by the wild critters of Nelson’s Pond really happened.

I started writing for publication in 2011.  At that time I was only writing 40 Day Devotional Journals based on the Bible.  Jesus Said is the most recent of those and the only one currently on  It is 40 days with Matthew 24, where Jesus talked of things to come.

These seven books are available on  I have a few in my inventory which can be ordered through this website.  Currently, I have six more books in various stages of development.  Be watching for Owen Hartmann and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, The Madisons, The Story Most Precious and the first three books in a series about 10 year-old twins Maya and Max. (If my editor sees this, I hope she doesn’t get overwhelmed!)

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