For The Kingdom Homeschool Coop


Since late August I  have had the privilege of working with homeschool students in FTK Homeschool Coop on Mondays.  I have enjoyed being with the students.  I have two classes of Book Club (grades 2/3 and 4/5) and one high school class of Anatomy.  In book club we read books and the 4/5 kids do some writing as well.  It is fun to hear their creative stories.

I read some of my unpublished books and now am reading Matthew Hartmann and the Pony Express to the 4/5 kids.  I read Nelson’s Pond and now Year of the Hawk Rescue to the 2/3 kids.  I wrote these books thinking of homeschoolers and now I’m getting to read them to that audience.  Such a blessing!

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