Book Club Project


In the 2/3 and 4/5 grade Book Clubs I am having the kids build covered wagons from a kit.  Thanks to Walt for his expertise and help! Also, Miss Melissa and Miss Margarita who are also helping.  When they get their models built they will make dioramas of a scene from RJ’s Journey which we are reading in class.

This is my version of a diorama (not exactly to scale) of RJ’s wagon train in the western part of Nebraska territory in 1858.  They are passing the landmarks of Jail Rock and Courthouse Rock on their way to Chimney Rock.

I have lots of curriculum ideas to go along with RJ’s Journey, but we won’t be able to do them all during Book Club.  We will do as many as we can while we are reading the book.  So far the students have been interested in the story and enjoying the project.

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