When I was little, my dad called me his little shadow. I liked to follow him around. He did such interesting things. He visited people in their homes and nursing homes sharing God’s word and prayer with folks. I tagged along as often as I could. When we visited Mrs. Christianson, I got cookies. At the nursing homes after he preached, he went around to each person and shook their hand, so I followed along and did the same. Oh, and when he got the oil changed in his car the mechanic gave me orange pop!

I didn’t realize I was learning to be a pastor from him. Years later when I served in local congregations, I made it a practice to visit people in their homes to encourage and pray for them. When I worked with youth I made time to be “with” them one-on-one when possible. I learned the relational aspects of ministry from my dad by being his little shadow.

I wonder what my grandchildren are learning from me?

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