Midwest Parent Educator Conference 2022

The gang went to Midwest Parent Educators Conference with me. Sara and Nava helped at the booth. The other kids went to the children’s sessions. They also enjoyed walking through the exhibit hall collecting friends and free things. I think most of the vendors knew Nava by the end of the event.

I appreciated meeting homeschool parents and students and seeing old friends. It is especially gratifying to have “repeat” customers who have enjoyed my books. Other vendors were great to visit with as well. We were next to Mattie from North Dakota. I will talk more about her in another post.

A young girl had been eyeing the RJ series and when she came to the booth near the end of the event she had the idea of bartering for the books. I was glad to take her up on her “deal” because the product she traded for the books was a great product I had been interested in. We were both happy with the trade.

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