What a Dog!

We got Gracie 12 years ago this month when we lived in Texas. She was a puppy and it greatly offended our 13 year old chihuahua to share the family with this obnoxious pup who would not give up wanting to play with her.

Anyone who has been around golden retrievers know they are lovers not fighters and eventually Gracie won old Jewel over. Not that Jewel would admit it.

We still miss Jewel who died at 17 years of age. We see the age on Gracie’s face and the effort it is for her to get up from a nap. But, the loyalty in this pet, this friend, and the love she has for her “pack” is inspiring and touching.

She is the same age as our oldest Grand-daughter. They were “pups” together. The young family had stayed with us for a couple months before they left for Belize for ministry. The dog had become attached to that baby girl. After they left it became Gracie’s habit to lie down under the crib where her little friend had slept. A show of loyalty and love.

Through the years the family has grown and Gracie has four human kids and four human adults in her pack. She loves us all and prefers when we are all in one place together. We love her, too, but probably not as much as she deserves.

So, when we leave the house and she jumps on the sofa or our bed we can’t be too angry with her. She knows she disobeyed the rules, I can tell by the look on her face.

She is in many of our family pictures. She poses and smiles like the rest of us. Someday she won’t be around for the pictures but she will always be in our hearts.

“Gracie, you’re such a good dog!”

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