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The only social media I am on is Truth Social. I don’t post often, but I do comment on occasion. I get news and information from various sources not including legacy media. I seek the truth and reject lies, which takes discernment and the willingness to be corrected when wrong. I pray for the rescue of the children, the revival of the Church, the exposure of corruption in our society’s institutions and the cutting off of evil-doers. This entry is a departure from the usual “inspirations” I post, but these are unusual times.

I trust in God the Father, Son, Holy Spirit and it is to Him I pray. I urge people to be reading and meditating on the Bible, the word of God and praying. I believe we need to “get with God’s program” by agreeing with Him in prayer and the way we live. He said we are to be salt and light as long as we are in this world. So be it!

Truth Social

One thought on “Social Media

  1. Anita R. Nelson

    Your comment about us being the “salt” was brought home to me this past week when I made a yummy chocolate cake, but neglected adding the salt…..
    The message was a clear reminder how important we are in God’s overall plan!

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