Vantage Points


Probably my favorite vantage point is from the back of a horse.  Somewhere in a box is a picture of my grandpa holding me on Powder.  Powder was my grandma’s horse.  So from before I could walk to now I have enjoyed the view from horseback.  Wherever my family went when I was a kid, if there was a horse, I asked to ride it.  Finally, when I was in my 30’s and married I lived where I could have horses of my own.  Thirteen horses came and went as I bought horses to be trained and sold to families.  The two I kept made the move with us from Minnesota to Texas.  Coco and Stormy have passed now, but my love for them remains.  I still ask to ride when I go someplace that has horses.  This picture is from the last time I rode with a friend in Texas in May 2017.

One thought on “Vantage Points

  1. I often think of the times you came to our farm for visits. And rode either our “Bucky” or “Peaches” who was stabled there by one of the town girls. Remember a friend of yours rode Bucky one time and he knocked her off running back into the barn. She was covered in mud and she had to go home wearing some borrowed clothes from me. lol Do you remember who she was?


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