Last week a friend from place #6 asked me how many places I have lived.  I have counted 15 different places (in five states and one province), so far.  But two of those places I have lived more than once, so there have been more than 15 moves.  And it doesn’t count the places I stayed temporarily when I was “inbetween” situations.  Saying good-bye has never been easy, but  since I keep all my old friends in a special place in my heart, I feel like I always have them with me.  Like the friend from #6.  We have known each other since the 9th grade…54 years!  We have not seen each other often through the years, but it was fun to check in on her recently since my husband’s current project is nearby her farm.  Friendship inspires me.  I have some really good friends.  I am thankful for each one.  Another reason I hold on to “old” friends is because I believe I will see them again.  I see them when I can now, but I have the belief I will see them again in eternity.  Knowing Jesus gives me this expectation.

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