Where it all started…


The first devotional-journal I wrote is topical.  I looked in my Thompson Chain Reference Bible for topics I was interested in and I picked scriptures according to those topics.  I offer this and other devotional-journals on this website.  I have loved reading, studying, and meditating on scripture for many years.  I believe scripture has not only informed me, but formed me as a follower of Jesus.  It is a way the Lord speaks to me.  Scripture is food that nurishes and strengthens a believer.  I urge others to get into the scriptures for information and formation.  If you wonder what is going on in the world…scripture informs you.  If you wonder how you are to live in this world…scripture forms you.  I always ask the Holy Spirit to guide and teach me before I read and study scritpure.  He has always been faithful to answer that prayer.

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