One Can Dream


When I was in 8th Grade I made a scrapbook for an assignment for Home Ec.  I’m sure no one under 60 knows what a Home Ec class is, it was back in the 1960’s…ancient history.  Anyway, among other things in my scrapbook were pictures of Ford Mustangs and horses.  The caption to those pictures was…Some Day I’m Going to Have Lots of Horses and Lots of Cars.  Well, all together I’ve had 12 horses when we lived in Minnesota…rode many more than that, of course, through the years.  I have owned 11 different cars/trucks/vans at various times.  BUT, I still yearn to own a Ford Mustang convertible.  The closest I’ve come to it was the day I rented this one in deep south Texas and spent the day with my daughter on South Padre Island.  I think it was in 2004 becaue it was a 40th anniversary model.  It was glorious! My dream lives on.

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