Writing is a Journey

My first book, RJ’s Journey, started me on a journey of writing books.  RJ’s Journey is  a story set along the Oregon Trail.  It is full of adventure, history, geography, relationships and faith.  It can be read for enjoyment, fiction set in a historical context and even as an assignment for an American History class.  It can, also, be used for creative writing assignments, vocabulary words, art projects, etc.  If you are a teacher, let your imagination dream up curriculum ideas to go along with the book.

Writing has become a journey of adventure, history, etc. for me.  I have enjoyed researching for the books I have written and am writing.  It reminds me of historical times much different than the time we live in now.  I have always enjoyed geography, so it is fun putting my stories into a geographical setting as well.  I have several books in the works right now.  I plan to have two or more of them available this year.

I plan to branch out into fiction that is not necessarily historical fiction as well.  I, also, have a memoir of humerous and embarassing moments in the pipeline.  I will publish it as soon as I’m not too embarassed to have such stories out in the world.  So, writing is a journey for me.  What journey are you on right now?

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