Lita’s Equitation

In the summer of 2018 my grandkids met an old friend of mine.  Lita Hottel and I had many horse-related adventures from the time we met in 1990.  My daughter was just an infant and her kids were young, but in the next few years we all became friends.  I started my daughter, Sara, in riding lessons with Lita. I think Sara was three at the time.  Lita trained several horses for me and let me learn from her about things related to training horses, teaching riders and even some judging.  We went to horse shows and did some horse shopping together.  She was and is an extraordinary horse trainer and teacher of riders.  She also is a horse show judge for 4-H and breed shows.  She has traveled the world with her judging.  The last time I saw her years ago was at a Miniature Horse Show in Houston, TX.  Her family was the first to move, then ours so we haven’t seen each other for a long time.  When I knew Sara and Jonathan and their four kids were going to be in MN near where Lita’s barn is, I suggested they go and have Lita put them on some lesson horses.  Sure enough they made the appointment and my four grandkids got the thrill of riding with Lita’s instruction.  Three generations of us have had the benefit of Lita’s patience and expertise with horses and their riders.  So much fun! Thank you, Lita Hottel! And thank you, God, for creating the horse!

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