Howard UMC, Last Chance, Colorado


Enjoyed the fellowship at Howard UMC over the past weekend (March 9-10, 2019).  I presented a workshop on Matthew 24, the signs of Christ’s return.  Among other things in that chapter, Jesus said we are to be “alert,” to “watch” and “be ready” because we “do not know the day or the hour.”  It was  blessed time in the Lord with this faithful congregation.  The 40-Day Devotional/Journal I wrote as a supplement for this workshop is on  Put Ardith Nelson in the Amazon search box and it should come into view along with my other books on Amazon. The title of the devotional/journal is Jesus Said Signs of Christ’s Return.  Thank you to all who attended and participated in the workshop.  Thank you to Pastor Linda and Frank Hoover for the invitation and hospitality.

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