Beautiful Places

I have been going to the North Shore of Lake Superior whenever I can since the 1970’s.    Just returned home from our latest visit there.  I have some great memories from the summer I worked in a resort restaurant on the lake. Later, when I was a Youth Director I took the youth on camping retreats there.  Each time I go back I think of those times and the people I shared them with.  And, I am always reminded of the beauty of creation and the One who spoke it all into existence.  Beautiful places bless me. The North Shore of Lake Superior is one of my favorite beautiful places.  What beautiful places bless you?

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Places

  1. rmdgma

    My fond memories of the beauty of God are my childhood memories of the desert after a rain or in bloom. It reminds me of how God can use any one or place, no matter how ugly it can be at times, to show Himself powerful and beautiful.


  2. rmdgma

    I thought I posted this so if on twice, sorry.

    The desert after a rain or blooming , bless me. Many fond childhood memories of the desert. As an adult, God reminds me that He uses all things/people, whether ugly and barren or magnificent and plush, to show His beauty and power. The desert smell after the rain reminds me that God refreshes all lives. The smell of God.


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