When I was in my 20’s I told a friend I would like to live in a cabin in the woods.  That was before I knew I preferred wide open spaces.  All these years later wouldn’t you know my husband decides he wants to build a cabin in the woods.  Thankfully, he hired a dozer operator to open up a big enough area in the woods for me to have plenty of sky and there’s even a little swamp in front of the cabin that will someday be dug out for a pond.  This is what we have been up to the past couple weeks.  The cabin is being built on land in Minnesota that has been in my husband’s family for 70 years.

Progress went well and I was glad to help during the first couple weeks of the project.  I had to come home for obligations back here in Missouri.  My husband is going it alone until I can get back for a few days next week.


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