A New Adventure


I’m on a new adventure on Mondays this year.  I agreed to teach some classes at For The Kingdom Homeschool Coop.  The Coop is staffed by parents and other interested folks and attended by some precious homeschool kids.  I have two sections of Book Club.  The 2nd/3rd grade Book Club is listening to me read Nelson’s Pond.  I also invite them to bring books from home to read to the class.  4th/5th grade Book Club is listening to some books I have written but haven’t published yet.  We do other activities in addition to me reading, but it all has to do with the joy of reading and being creative story-tellers and writers.

I, also, have a class of five high schoolers studying Anatomy and Physiology.  It is fun being with high school age young people again.  I enjoy all the kids in the three classes.   I am also getting to know and appreciate the parents who are staffing the coop.

The rest of my week is filled with grandkids and writing.

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