Fall Comes to the Cabin

Fall comes to Minnesota before it comes to Missouri.  The cabin build is on hold until we get back to it in November.  By then the leaves will be off the trees and we will see about snow on the ground.

Meanwhile, home in Missouri, most leaves are still green on the trees, but as of today the cool temperatures tell us Fall has arrived.  For climates that have distinct seasons it is undeniable there is beauty in the fall colors.  I appreciate Fall, I do, but there is something sad about it.  It is the end of summer adventures.  The plants and some animals go dormant.  It leads to the cold of winter.

All seasons have their advantages and disadvantages, their beauty and their challenges, I guess.  I wait for spring when the plants and flowers and birds come again fresh and new.

2 thoughts on “Fall Comes to the Cabin

  1. rmdgma

    Looks good. When you come back, bring full winter gear. It is so cold already. High in 40’s and wind. Leaves, what’s left of them have turned beautiful. Nelson Road is full color but no sun to magnify the color. If I get a chance will get you a picture. 4” of rain again this week.

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